Welcome to Season Two!
Aug. 31, 2021

Fearless Presentations

Fearless Presentations

With The Fearless Millennial Speaking Coach Tiffany Foote

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Speech and Communications Coach Tiffany Foote joins us to share her insights into how you can have fearless and engaging presentations.

Tiffany, who earned her "Fearless Millennial" title in her workplace, has personally conquered her own fear of public speaking and now enjoys helping others to do the same. She focuses on practical tips that you can put to immediate use. 

Listen and learn how you can:

*Keep nervousness in perspective

*Choose clothing that boosts your confidence

*Gesture comfortably to encourage audience attention

*Reel in an unwieldy audience

*Avoid coming across as manipulative

*Use stories and examples to make boring materials come alive for your audience

*Develop and deliver engaging virtual presentations

*And more!

Tiffany's nightstand picks: in addition to her dog's leash and the lamp that Tiffany DIY'd during Covid, Tiffany's book pick is "The Optimist's Guide to Letting Go" by Amy E. Reichert.

Find out more about Tiffany and her work at: https://www.fearlesspresentations.com/thefearlessmillennial