Welcome to Season Two!
March 30, 2021

Back to the Boardroom with Matteo Cassese

Back to the Boardroom with Matteo Cassese

Tips for presenting in the new, hybrid workplace

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Dust off your briefcase and find a belt. Ready or not, we are headed back to the office –well, sort of anyway.  Of course, things will look different. We will be distanced and masked and there will be a lot of hybrid meetings – but meetings, nonetheless. You’ll have to continue making presentations but don’t be surprised the settings have changed.

Like it or not, Zoom is becoming increasingly the way to do things virtually. Now is a good time to upgrade your presentations and maybe even invest in some new tools.

I sought out our Guest Czar, Matteo Cassese, a communication, productivity and digital marketing coach, to help you learn how to navigate your way around the new world of hybrid presentations. Cassese, who spent seven years at Warner Brothers and taught at the University of Palermo, is passionate about planning, designing and delivering impactful and engaging presentations that are high not only in content but also production value.

Cassese has some practical advice that you can implement right away to improve your Zoom presentation. He says that the biggest takeaway for people is usually that the first few elements that you can fix are super easy. 

You can connect with Matteo and get more information on his work and courses on LinkedIn or on his website, Fabbrica.la